Library Haul 13-8-2018

Library Haul 13-8-2018

Hi everyone,

Today was the perfect day to visit a brand-new library. It was rainy, there was some thunder, and so time to find some new books to devour. Or new… I should say more, as I still have an entire box full of books to read. But hey!

The library in the town/village near the campsite is a pretty nice one, pretty big, bigger than Library #4 at least. It also has that lovely old book smell, not all libraries have that, so I was instantly in love. Then it was waiting for a new card, apparently they are not used to people coming from other libraries to get a card/subscription at their place. But after a while things were ready and I could explore the library. And boy, it was wonderful. I always love discovering new libraries, seeing how they sort their books.

I found a 2 manga-styled comics, which I totally didn’t expect to see. They seemed interesting so they had to come with me. And then I found more!

I won’t be putting in a Goodreads list, as I have barely any internet (writing this one is already filled with dangers of losing the post) so you will have to do with just a picture.

Stats: 10 books: 6 non-fiction, 2 comics, 2 fiction.

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