Library Haul 23-8-2018 (Vacation Edition)

Library Haul 23-8-2018 (Vacation Edition)

Afternoon all,

The third, and last, Library Haul for this vacation! Time is really flying by. Next week it is time to head back home (on Saturday).

Today I decided it was a good time to head to the library, especially since I had finished my books (or didn’t like them). Yes, I still have quite a few books to read from my Vacation TBR, but one can never have too many books! And I just adore variety in my reading.

I found a few new books at the new table. Plus I was delighted to find book 1 and book 2 of a comic series (Miauw), I borrowed book 4 last time, but hadn’t expected them to have more.

I will definitely miss this library, hopefully next year I can use it again. Kind librarians, lovely book smell (not all libraries have this), and quite a few books!

Stats: 9 books. 4 comics, 1 graphic novel, 1 non-fiction, 3 fiction.

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