Library Haul 25-8-2018 (Vacation Edition)

Library Haul 25-8-2018 (Vacation Edition)

Evening all,

Yes, yes, I said there weren’t going to be any more library hauls during my vacation… but, I just couldn’t resist when I visited the big city near (well, slightly nearish with the car/bus) my camping site to shop. My fiance had to go to the toilet after an afternoon of walking, and decided the library was a good place (free toilets, ahoy). While waiting for him, I saw all sorts of books that I wanted, and we just had to ask if my vacation library subscription also counted for this library. We weren’t entirely sure about it even after checking the site. The answer was yes, apparently you can borrow books all over the province with just one subscription o.O. And it was also no problem for me to bring the books back to the library in the village as I can’t really go to the big city easily. Yay!

This subscription also allows me to borrow 25 (!!!) books, and since I only had 9 at the camping/in my tent, I had room for more! I quickly went hunting for those books I had seen, and found several more. In the end I walked away with 9 new books. Eeep!

But this really will be the final library haul for my vacation. For real! No more surprises! 😛

Stats: 9 books, 7 comics, 2 children’s books.

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