Library Haul 4-8-2018

Library Haul 4-8-2018

Hello all,

The last Library #2 haul for a month! My vacation is starting next week. \o/ I may still visit Library #2 if that one book comes in before my vacation (been waiting on it for almost 2 months now, so I don’t want to cancel the reservation, though I may change some things before I leave (yes, that is a possibility)).

Today was a calm day, only 2 reservations, and while I did find a few books, including 2 books perfect for my vacation, it wasn’t a WOW haul today. Oh well, we can’t always have amazing hauls.

I still need to add the missing books to Goodreads, but I am just not motivated. So tired and my body aches (still not fully recovered from the accident). So I will eventually add them as I read them.

Stats: 9 books, 4 non-fiction, 5 fiction.

Groningen-Drenthe by ?
100% Groningen by Dorien Paymans, Nienke Smit, Marjolein den Hartog
Dummie de mummie en de gouden scarabee by Tosca Menten, Elly Hees
Dummie de mummie en de tombe van Achnetoet by Tosca Menten, Elly Hees
Dagboek van een chihuahua by Do van Ranst
Slanker door kanker by Siebe Wittebrood
Straatnamen van Rijswijk by ?
Hexa kan niet heksen by Tijn Snoodijk
De jeugd van Mickey by Tebo

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