Review for Discover Nests

Review for Discover Nests

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Well, I had expected more. I knew this one would be simple, as it was a first level discovery thing, but I still had hoped for a bit more depth.

This one is all about nests, mainly about birds. 17 out of 31 pages is about birds, 2 pages are the ending and don’t concern any critters, and 12 pages are about non-birds. While it wasn’t that interesting for me too read, again way way to simplified, the photography was pretty on point and I did like the photos they picked out for this book.

However, again, it is just way too simple. Each image is accompanied by one line of text. Things like: Rabbits build nests under the ground or Eagle nests are very large. As you can see the text is also simple and it just feels like no one took a big effort in pasting it on the photography (at times there is just a box around it to make sure the text is visible). I know, I know, this is one for the easiest levels, but even picture books have more text and those are also for the kind of kids that read these kind of easy stuff. I have seen first picture books with more effort, care, love and text than this book. And that is a shame. I am sure it could be more informative without making it too difficult.

All in all, I am not too sure if I would recommend this one. Maybe for the photography?

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