Review for Goldilocks and the Infinite Bears

Review for Goldilocks and the Infinite Bears

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

So I wasn’t at first sure if I wanted to read this book, I was curious, but it wasn’t until yesterday, when the publisher posted a page from the book, that I wanted to read this book.

I am more than happy that I finally decided to read this, it was absolutely brilliant. We have some recurring themes (like the king, the pages in between the comics (though I lost track of how that one went), the creation story, unicorns, death), but there are also a ton that only pop by once (or maybe I was too teary-eyed from laughing). All the comics are hilarious.

The comics feature zombies, wolves, ghosts, princesses (sorry, your princess has already left this tower), sheep (what if a sheep doesn’t look like a sheep?), superheroes, did I mention Steve Buscemi?

The zombie apocalypse one on page 89? So me!

There was also one choose your own adventure. A very short one, and um, well um, that ending. I love that you can make it as short as you want (just two panels) or try to make it much longer by not going into the cave.

Of course, I had to share these with my fiance, he is at work while I am sick at home, so I spammed his Whatsapp with many of the comics. I do wonder if he is still in his chair after all the comics, or if he died from trying not to laugh too hard at his work. 😛

The art style just fitted perfected with the weird and silly stories.

All in all, this is one comic I need in my life, and I hope that John McNamee makes more comics.

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