Review for I Spy the 50 States

Review for I Spy the 50 States

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Oh my! A cute board book about the US.

Each double page tells us about one state in the US. From New Hampshire to . Each page is filled to the brim with blocks and within those blocks images that feature items, plants, buildings, historical events, etc. from that state. It is quite simplistically done, but I still like it. Maybe some things could have a bit more information (like how some images get a name), as some items are a bit of a mystery to me. I just couldn’t figure out what they were. Like me, during New Hampshire pages. Is that a broom? And what kind of creature is that underneath the broom? It seems familiar? Why is there a cup on that rock? And other states also had a few items I just couldn’t recognise or understand what they had to do with the state.

As you could have guessed from the title of the book, you are going to be looking for a few items on each state’s page. For instance with Massachusetts. Find items that begin with a B. Baseball, Boston Common, Beach. It was quite fun and it made the book a bit more interactive and interesting.

The whole there is one thing that the next page has in common with the current one was fun, though it took me a bit too long to get why there were circles around things. 😛 I guess it works well in the physical copy, but the ecopy it just looked like someone loved drawing circles in pink (or is it red, can’t see it clearly on my screen). But it is a nice idea, and I am sure that I would love it if I would see it in a physical copy. Just a shame so many times it was an eagle. 😐 I get that the eagle is the symbol of the US, but come on. Lazy much? Maybe instead of saying that there is one item (eagles are not an item), just tell people to follow the copy-paste eagle as he flies through the US.

Also was it needed to list all those state capitols? Is that some kind of American thing that needs to be shown all the time? They were at least different buildings (though a few looked like twins). I just feel that one or two would be fun, or the most special ones, and then focus more on other things.

The art was OK. Very simplistic as I already said, and I did think it was a shame there was so many copy-paste. At times I went back and forth between my ecopy (not easily done as Adobe is a crappy program), and indeed, various images were exactly the same. 😐 And yes, this is a children’s book, but that is no excuse to me.

So yeah, I still quite enjoyed myself, but I will rate the book lower due to the points I mentioned (the copy-paste art, the continuous eagle, the repetition, the art at times a bit too simplistic that you can’t recognise items).

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