Review for Isadora Moon Goes on a School Trip

Review for Isadora Moon Goes on a School Trip

A field trip, knights, ghosts, and more! A brand-new and fun Isadora Moon book!

I was actually looking for another Isadora Moon book that I wanted to read (Isadora Moon gets in trouble), but instead I found this one.

The kids, and Isadora’s dad and of course the teacher, are on a new field trip. This time not ballet, no instead we are going to visit a giant castle filled with fun rooms, activities, and items. The weather also participated by making the castle seem even creepier and awesome.

I loved that there were dress up chests everywhere and that you had to find them all to unlock all the costumes. That way every kid got a chance, and that it made the whole field trip a lot more interesting and fun. I would have loved that when I was a kid. There are also archery lessons (inside????). I was a bit disappointed at their lunch, I had expected some kind of special castle feast with all sorts of yummy foods that kids love so much. But I would definitely have loved visiting the castle when I was a kid. All those hidden nooks and crannies, all those shiny and interesting things.

The ghost? I am not too sure. I did like him, for most, but for some reason I found him a bit annoying. Maybe it was that he knew (and spoiled) the locations of the costumes, or that he could do everything perfectly. I get that he has been here for hundreds of years, but it just felt a bit too much.
I did feel sorry that people ran away from him when all he wanted was to start a conversation with them. I found it a shame that the ghost was just another stereotype. I would much rather have seen it be a kid or a man. Really, if vampirefairies can exist, why can’t a ghost look human?

I am not too sure how I felt about the ghost solution at the end. It is really sweet of them (though I wonder why the ghost never left on his own), but shouldn’t they also have asked the mom if she was OK with their plans? After all she is a fairy, not a vampire, so maybe she doesn’t want this.

I am really proud that Isadora’s dad is doing his best to wake up on time. Not just because he is a vampire and loves the night, but also because of his hair. In this one he actually gets up and has his hair done! Good job dad!

Of course the book is also covered in illustrations and I just adore them. Sometimes they are a bit too sweet (with all that pink), but mostly I think it is cute.

All in all, hopefully I will be able to read that other book I wanted as I just adore the Isadora Moon series, and I would recommend this one to everyone.

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