Review for Just Plain Weird

Review for Just Plain Weird

“The Weirds’ kitchen was like nothing Pinchton had ever seen. There was no sign of any of the normal kitchen stuff – cooker, fridge, washing machine and so on. Just boxes and piles of pots and pans dumped just any old where. And a strange sort of plant in a pot which seemed to consist of nothing but stalks and tendrils.”

I was at first a bit hesitant about the book, it seemed quite fun, and I have loved an other book by this author, so I was willing to give it a shot. The first couple of pages were a bit of a struggle, but then, for some reason, I couldn’t stop reading. I read and read and read, and about an hour later I closed the book, wanting more of this very Weird family.

I loved the contrast between the Weird’s and the Primm’s. One doesn’t care about appearances, how their home or garden looks, about strict stuff, while the other is neat, tidy, strict, and a big fan of keeping up the appearances. The kids in one home are pretty much set free, while Pinchton can barely have his own life without lying about things. I actually felt sorry for both Pinchton and his father. We learn a bit about his father and we see he had quite the wild side, but that Mrs Primm wasn’t amused by that. Wow. We do see that Mrs Primm also has another side, a more fun side, but mostly she is just eh. I wish she would show that fun side a bit more.

The Weird family is… well, weird. We have a grandma who can do magic, a big brother who loves studying to the point that his parents want him out of his room, a girl who loves to wear the weirdest clothes, a little boy who likes to do anything he wants, and then I haven’t even discussed the parents. Mom Weird is a stunt woman, and D(e)ad Weird is a scientist (a mad one at that). Every day in this family is chaotic weirdness.

I loved seeing how Pinchton went from stiff and boring (sorry, but it is true, and it is not his fault) to fun and more daring. The Weird’s certainly have an effect on him, and I would say it is a pretty nice one. He is finally able to have friends, and have a life outside of his home. Plus he finally gets some food in him that isn’t superduper healthy. Nothing against healthy, but sometimes you can let go, and forcing your kids to also eat this way… eh. Not sure if I like that. I did like that we found out that, despite how he acts and appears, he actually kind of likes just lazing around. He is not a fan of homework.

It was great fun meeting the Weird family and seeing how they live. I have tons of questions still. But for some I guess I have to just throw my common sense and how things work in real life out of the window. Like the fact these kids eat nothing but fries or cake.
But other questions, what is that snarly thing (yes, Pinchton, you are not alone in wanting to know more), what is up with D(e)ad (is he really dead or something else entirely), how many times did these kids move, how do they earn money (because I am not sure being a stunt woman earns enough to be able to move/get a new home that fast), why is everyone just letting Frankly go around like that, what is up with the plant?

I had quite a few laughs while reading this book. It is a really absurd, weird book and it was great fun reading it.

The ending was a bit abrupt. In fact I was even looking at my copy to make sure nothing was ripped out. It just ends. We are in a chapter, Pinchton contemplates about things, and then decides he is going to find out about what makes that snarly sound. And the book is over.

There were times I didn’t like the Weird’s. For instance when they visit Pinchton’s home (Ott, Frankly, and Oliver), how they made a stinking mess of everything and then didn’t take him serious, even mocking him when he went in a full panic attack. I get that grandma can fix it, but you are at a friend’s home, you have to act a bit courteous and respectful. If your friend says no, you leave it. If you make a mess you clean it. If someone feels terrible, you don’t mock him.

The book is also illustrated, of course by Chris Mould, whose style fits the book to a T.

All in all, I guess I can just hope that there will be a next book featuring the Weird’s family. I would also recommend this book to all looking for a silly read.

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