Review for Little Bird’s Bad Word

Review for Little Bird’s Bad Word


I read this one in Dutch, but will be writing my review in English.

All of us who know kids, know that they are sponges and parrots. They will suck up anything they see and hear and then parrot it back. 😛 You have to be real careful what you say around them, and also be very good at explaining why something may not be the best to be said if they hear it.

Which is also what happens here. Little bird is out hunting with dad bird and dad bird suddenly says BLARK. A very naughty word, and he tries to salvage the damage, but guess what. Little Bird is off to the world. He needs to tell all those he knows of this word.

I did think Little Bird was a bit dumb. One, he didn’t get that no one wanted to hear that word, while we, the readers, can clearly see that their reactions are ones of hiding or getting angry. Either Little Bird is high with his new word or Little Bird is an idiot. Pick an option. He doesn’t get, until he hears his dad give excuses, that it was a bad word. Helloooooo, were you looking at people? Did you even listen to your dad before you flew away shouting that word? Hello???? I get that he is a kid, but even kids should get those hints. Even kids will understand that some words aren’t meant to be said.

I also thought it was a bit weird that no one else was impressed with the word. Sorry, that is not entirely how it goes in real life. Believe me. There is always another person who thinks it is totally cool (and thus the problem multiplies). However in this one everyone shies away or gets angry.

The art wasn’t entirely my favourite, but it was still cute.

The ending was really sweet, I am happy that Little Bird realised (finally) things. And that last page had me in stitches.

So all in all, a pretty OK-ish book. I had a few moments of laughing, but also enough moments of rolling my eyes and shaking my head.

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