Review for Purrfection: How to Achieve Balance and Happiness Through Your Cat

Review for Purrfection: How to Achieve Balance and Happiness Through Your Cat

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

How could I resist this book. I adore cats (though I am allergic), and I love books that combine cats with balance and happiness (I read a few already).

However, it took me ages to get through this one. Because reading on a PC tires me out, and this one could only be read through my PC. Secondly, it was just a bit boring and totally not what I had expected from reading the blurb (or the title for that matter). I had expected something like several other books I read the past year. (Funny) Cat behaviour and how we could sort of do the same as humans to achieve balance, relaxation and maybe look at the world a bit differently. However a large chunk is about the history of cats, how to take care of a cat, purring. The purring at least has one exercise that seems to bring forth mindfulness.

It isn’t until page 49 (of 96) that we finally get some stuff about connecting, relationship with your cat, exercises. Then it was finally getting good. Don’t get me wrong, information about cats is fun, but I have already read tons of books about cats in my life, I want something different. I came here for happiness and achieve balance and exercises, not to get yet another talk about how cats work and the history of them.

I loved the Cyber Cat: Cat Online 2.0 chapter. That one was definitely my favourite. How I wish I could get a cat. I would so love to download all those apps, or find out what my cat is up to when he is out and about.

Fashion: A shirt that is just white or a solid colour, that costs 20 to 25 dollars. What the hell? You can buy a good shirt for ~5 euros (so about 6 dollars) that will last forever (believe me, I have had to throw away shirts because I wanted something new and they didn’t want to die :P). Unless they meant all the materials together, but then they shouldn’t put: “depending on the T-shirt”.
But those shirts and other things were fun, and I do want to try them out.

The book ends with some useful information, cafe’s, toilet seats, health insurance, etc.

The book is also stuffed with all sorts of adorable cat photographs, and I was just awwwing every time one popped up.

But yeah, given that it took about half of the book to get to the freaking point, aka what the blurb promises, and that it was still very basic, I am not going to rate this one very high. 2.5 stars.

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