Review for Rosie’s Glasses

Review for Rosie’s Glasses

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

WOW. Just WOW. This was even better than I had hoped, and I already had high hopes based on the cover (which I absolutely adore).

This is a wordless picture book about a little girl and her monochrome world. How she feels quite unhappy. How everything seems to just suck. How everything seems to go on and on, how her days are endless rains and unhappiness. Until one day. When she finds a beautiful coloured butterfly and comes upon glasses. Glasses that will give her a whole new view of the world. Are the glasses magic? Or can we, as humans, change the way we view the world by just simply adding something new to the mix? I would say a bit of both. It is certainly magic that the girl found them, that such a colourful butterfly made his way in her monochrome world. And it is a bit of both when she looks through them. The glasses give her a chance to see something different. To see that the world isn’t always gloom and doom. Sometimes you just need a tiny nudge to see things differently.

And I have to say, I am not a kid, but I could definitely use this book in my life. Maybe I also need a little nudge, in the form of something, to show me that my life isn’t always dreary and monochrome.

Plus I was at first very sad, yes, I gasped, when that happened to Rosie’s glasses, but it seems that she doesn’t need the glasses any more, she has something else that can show her that the world will always be the fun place. You just need a tiny little nudge, something that makes your heart flutter, something that opens your eyes to the beauty around you.

I loved how the author showed the clear differences in worlds. The monochrome world is drab, doom, and sad, and the colourful world is full of happy smiles, sun, and colours.

The art is just perfection. I knew I would love it based on the cover and what I saw there, but that I would love it so so much? No. I definitely have a new favourite illustrator in my life. Even in the droopy parts it was much fun to see all the details. Like the fangs on the school’s door, or the crying baby, or the birds.

All in all, a wonderful and special book and I would highly recommend it to everyone!

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