Review for Shoujo-tachi no Kaidan

Review for Shoujo-tachi no Kaidan

5 stories with romance, fluff, a few ghosts, but also a bit of horror here and there.

I wrote a short review for each of the stories and gave them a rating.

Story 1:  Tenchi Shinmei: 4 stars

Oh, mirrors. Next to dolls one of the items I always find creepiest. You never know what lurks in a mirror. Your evil self? Some spirit? A portal to a world? Just your reflection (gee, how boring).

I have to say that this one was mostly sad. It had some creepy/scary moments, but mostly I just felt sorry for the woman in the mirror. She finally had a way out of that awful job, she was so happy, but then, and I am guessing someone poisoned her or the effects from her job finally caught up on her, she got ill, and her fiancé lost interest in her.

I was happy with the ending, though I wanted to shake Maki for not even noticing our MC.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about the guardian/god thing that our MC had next to her, especially that one scene where she kisses him while he is in cat form. Ehhh… No.

Story 2: Gekkouchou ~Hyaku-nen no Koi~: 4 stars

A cat with two tails (or actually a split tail), a god, regrets.

A cat who lost his owner during the big Kanto earthquake gets a chance to make amends, to tell her he loves her, that he is sorry. This wasn’t scary at all, this was just so sad. I almost cried a few times. I am glad our cat got a chance, he has been wondering earth for quite some years now.

The ending was sweet, I was happy for both, or should I see all three, of them.

Story 3: Friend Doll: 5 stars

Another story about parents (I am guessing that is mom at least) who have way too high expectations. Dang, if I had a kid and she would get in the top of her class (though we don’t have that kind of thing here), I would be so proud!

And sorry, I couldn’t help but laugh that after she raged on the plush bunny that she said this: “Mimi, you’re so lucky. You never have to experience pain.” Um, girl… you just showed that poor thing all the corners of your room.

So, when Mimi showed up in the dreams? Well, I knew there was bound to be a catch. And I hated that our MC got so dependent on Mimi.

Also, I did kind of agree with the girlfriend. I can imagine she is worried/unhappy with another girl spending so much time with her boyfriend.

Oh my, oh my, oh my gosh at that ending. Wow. Crap. Dang. So, kids, warning to all, don’t use your plushie as punchbag because you never know if it may come back to haunt you.

This was by far the best story. I came for horror after all and this one finally gave me what I wanted.

Story 4: Next to Yomi-san: 4 stars

A story about beauty, about jealousy, about a girl named Yomi who is looking for new parts to add to her collection.

I was a bit confused when the MC changed to another girl, Kaori, the girl who got confessed to by the hottest guy (given the reaction of the girls) in school. We see her get a big fright, and then the story goes back to our first MC.

I didn’t like the MC’s friend, if I would even call her that. Dang, that girl is superficial. Making bad remarks about our MC, about the girl who got injured (Kaori).

And then poop really hits the fan and the story goes up in creepiness. Man, oh man, did I not see that coming. Given everything I was sure it was just x, but actually it is x and y. shivers

The ending was pretty dang good, very creepy.

Story 5: The Demon-inhabited Island: 1 star

A girl who lost her hat and, of course, goes off to the demon island to get it back. What could possibly go wrong? Right?

I didn’t like the demon guy, come on, I get that you found the hat, but if the original owner comes to you and asks for it, even tells you it is special, then don’t be a dick and give the hat back.

And the rest of the story, seeing them get closer, eh, I guess it was sweet, but I had expected a bit more horror and less fluff.


The art was consistently good, even with 5 different artists writing and drawing.

However, the stories were just not that spooky, as I had expected. I still enjoyed reading them, but I came here for horror, for ghosts, for creeps, for goosebumps, and I mostly got fluffy sad sob stories with some ghosts here and there. Only 2 out of 5 were actually creepy, and the one with the doll the creepiest.

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