Review for The Haunted House Next Door

Review for The Haunted House Next Door

Ghosts, friendship, and wonderful illustrations! Just be careful of lasagne!

Yep, even in my books I am seeking out the ghosts! I believe I saw this one being promoted on Twitter and reading a short excerpt on Amazon made me want to read it. Thankfully Amazon delivers pretty fast and so I could read it without much delay.

Meet Andres, he just moved away (again it seems) and he isn’t happy with it all. Not to mention that his mom is trying to get him a friend (mom, please). Oh, and did I mention the floating stuff in his house? Or the cold breath? Yep, if Andres didn’t think it was terrible enough to move all the time and get used to yet another environment, he now has a ghost living in his home.

But no worries, his new friend (or soon to be best friend), is a ghost hunter! And he is more than excited to help out Andres defeat the evil ghost. He has got all sorts of fun instruments that will help out with the mission.
I really liked Desmond, he was brave, and I liked that he was a true ghost hunter, and not just a kid thinking he is one. He even gets thank yous from other people, his previous clients. I am really curious about the cases, maybe we could get some prequel stories? Please?

Andres was an OK character, though I am not sure I liked him that much. Don’t get me wrong, but I am just not a big fan of wimpy characters. He was constantly twitching, running away, screaming, or hiding. We did see some other sides to him, but mostly he was doing wimpy stuff. I hope he toughens up in the next books as he is going to be helping Desmond with his cases.

The ghost was really spooky, but I was surprised by what happened. Eww, ghost barf.

I was a bit confused that our MC crossed out Desmond’s name and replaced it with his own in the end. Why not add a plus or an ampersand? You are working together after all, it is partnership.

I hope that Andres will live in this neighbourhood for a while. It would be a shame if he had to move again due to his parents jobs (who have very interesting jobs btw).

The book has illustrations on every page. Yep, every page! And the style was just soooo good, I really loved them. The characters are wonderfully drawn, fitting perfectly with the descriptions, and the ghost was creepy but not too creepy.

All in all, I need more Desmond Cole, more ghosts, and so I will get more of the books soon.

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