Review for This Book is Out of Control!

Review for This Book is Out of Control!

I read this one in Dutch, but will be writing a review in English.

So the second book, well for me, in the Belle and Ben (and Belle’s dog) series. This time Ben has a brand-new toy, but the remote control does funky things. It doesn’t control the car… it controls the book!

I just rolled around when instead of the car the dog was turning around and howling. It took those kids some time before they figured out that, instead of the car, they were in control of the book. Or they were. Chaos happens and it is up to us, the reader, to fix things! Yep, the fourth wall is delightfully broken again, and I was more than happy to help out with fixing things. Press the correct buttons and see how the story continues. Can we fix it, or will the book be out of control for all eternity? How to keep your readers into the story, by making the story interactive and include the reader.

The ending? Oh my, I want to press that repeat button. Sorry guys, but this was just too much fun and I wouldn’t mind seeing it happen all over again.

I just adore the illustrations, how the characters looked, but also how the buttons we need to press are so much like real buttons, popping out of the pages.

All in all, a hilarious, fun, interactive book that I would recommend to all. Kids will LOVE it.

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