Review for Uroboros no Wa Vol.2

Review for Uroboros no Wa Vol.2

Two people meet on a snowy mountain and a romance is born.

Ohhhhh boy! I am so happy that I decided to read this one. After a not so good first volume, I just adored this volume. This one features the youngest brother (the one who didn’t get that kissing a girl when she says no is sign to stop). He is now in the same school as the other characters, however we don’t see them. Instead this one focuses on him, on his girl, and on what the Kokkuri curse is doing to her.

Yep, this time no curses, this time a Kokkuri session gone wrong. Then again, those seem to end in pain and hurting quite a few times. You would think the rules are simple. Don’t move the coin on your own, tell Kokkuri to leave, use the coin, rip the paper to shreds (x number of shreds), break the pencil. But every time the kids do it wrong. We see how Shiori is cursed, at first our MC wonders if it is the same as the curse of the notes, but eventually he finds out that, when he spelled Shiori’s name on a piece of paper, he cursed her. Oopsie. I just cursed the love of my life. Teehee?

I hated how people treated Shiori in school, especially that girl. I get that you have a crush on the guy, but doing that to the girl he loves. Eh, is not the way to have him notice you, in a good way that is. He will only hate you. A lot. Despise you.

The romance between our MC and Shiori was just so pure and lovely. A bit too much at times, as it was just going way too fast, but I can forgive it. They just fitted together so well, and I loved that the guy finally learned that consent is the way to go. He cares so deeply for her, and he is doing all he can to lift the curse, to help her. To be with her. To protect her.

The earring thing? Um, I have seen this happen in more manga and anime, and I am always wondering why no one goes to a professional. We got tons of places here to pierce your ears (and for quite cheap even), and while it can go wrong (because making holes in your body is something your body doesn’t tend to like), you have way less chance of it than when you grab a safety pin and force that in one’s ear. Plus the pain. You don’t feel it if someone shoots something through your ear (just a tiny stab), but you will feel it when someone pushes a pin through your flesh.

I am not sure how I felt about Shiori’s brother. Overprotective much? At points he was just a bit too creepy and overprotective to me. I can imagine that our MC thought he was the boyfriend at one point.

I really love the art in this one, especially the romance scenes.

All in all, happy that I read this one, and in this one the creepy curse and the romance matched together really well.

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