Review for Yurara no Tsuki Vol.5

Review for Yurara no Tsuki Vol.5

The last volume, and gosh I need more tissues!

So this one concludes everything, it settles everything, and I loved it. Yes, it broke my heart. Yes, it made me cry so much that I feel all dried up now. Yes, there are some things I wish were different, but I am still happy with the outcome now that I have had some time to calm down and relax.

We all know what happened in the last volume, Yurara (onee-san)/Yurara (normal) went to Hoshino. Despite Meiwa asking Yurara (normal) to not do it. To stay with him. To choose him. We see the aftermath in this volume, and my gosh, I was just so sad. I have to say I wanted to punch Hoshino more than once, but I could also see that he was heartbroken about it. He wanted to be together with Yurara (onee-san), but he knows it just isn’t possible.

Meiwa makes a very tough decision, one that he shouldn’t have to make, but I can understand why he did it. It still broke my heart, especially seeing how he spiralled down due to it. hugs Meiwa

Yurara (normal)’s friend, or should we call her that? She is there when Yurara (normal) needs it, but then also gets pissy at her (for a bit of good reason, but still, dang girl no need to go full angry on her).

I was a bit confused that Hoshino didn’t recognise the guardian spirit (aka Yurara (onee-san)) without Yurara. They look so much alike, even though one wears a sailor outfit (because yeah, outfits stay the same in transformation) and the other a kimono, that I was wondering if he ever got the whole story behind it or if he was sleeping when it was all told.

I am glad what the grandfather did. He finally went and talked to Yurara (onee-san), told her that he understood she was in love (and I loved her reaction), but that she was also hurting his granddaughter and her friends. That instead of coming when there is a ghost to send to heaven, she was also popping up at inappropriate times. Times that Yurara (normal) didn’t need her. That Yurara (onee-san) was taking over because she wanted to be with Hoshino.

The conclusion to that was pretty WOW. That is one way to do things, I am not sure if I was happy with it, as it felt like they were just pushing Yurara (normal) off a cliff, but eh. I guess given all it did do what it was supposed to do. I guess Yurara (normal) just needed that big push.

The ending had me in further tears, I don’t want to go too deep into it. But dang. That was heartbreaking at points, beautiful in others, and sweet and lovely in yet other moments. I do feel it was a perfect ending. I am not sure how it could have ended any other way. I am glad that the author went for this.

All in all, a wonderful series with ghosts, romance, and some funny situations. I have seen that there is a sort of sequel to the manga, this time from Hoshino’s POV, but I am not too sure if I want to read it given the blurb. Maybe I will try it out one day.

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