Waiting on Wednesday ~ Girls Can Vlog: Festival Frenzy

Waiting on Wednesday ~ Girls Can Vlog: Festival Frenzy

Evening everyone~

Welcome to a new (and very orange) Waiting on Wednesday! This week a book I didn’t even know was out. I saw it pop up on Twitter yesterday, squealed, ran over to Amazon and bought it.

Still weird that I never noticed anything about the book, but then again I know Twitter doesn’t always show all the tweets from people I follow, and Goodreads doesn’t show all my authors read with new books in that monthly thing of theirs. Oh well, this way I can read it during my vacation. It fits perfectly, as the girls are going to be camping as well. How fun! Though they are going to a festival, while I am just going camping. I can’t wait to see what the girls get up to in this one, see their vlogs (because I am sure they will be making a few new ones, maybe even with some fun tips on camping), see what kind of music is playing at the festival.

I also so love the cover. It is so orange, so perfectly summerish. I want that camera as well (maybe I should put it on my Christmas/Birthday wish list).

School’s out and glamping is go!

The Girls Can Vlog gang is going on tour once more in Girls Can Vlog: Festival Frenzy, a summer special from author Emma Moss.

When Lucy’s parents plan a camping trip, Lucy manages to convince them to let her bring the rest of the gang along to attend Chesterbury Music Festival. It looks set to be a summer they will never forget!

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