Library Haul 18-9-2018

Library Haul 18-9-2018

Evening all,

Was not that motivated to go to the library, but I wanted to pick up my library card (which I left/lost last week as my head was just somewhere else) before they would just mail it to me.

I am just not too eager to visit. The whole thing with the new books (especially children/YA) that are in the catalogue, yet not on the shelves. Plus they just get barely anything new as it is. Sometimes they have a spurt of new books, and then months of barely anything. Whereas with other libraries it is almost hard to keep track of all the new stuff popping up.

Sorry for all the complaining. Most of the librarians are top notch though, and I really loved how one of them walked up to me today to mention my missing library card and grabbing it for me. throws hearts

As for today’s haul, well, it is tiny. At least I found 2 new-ish books, and I decided to bring a Sylvia Witteman with me as I was in a real mood for her writing, and there won’t be a new book by her until October (can it be October, please?).

Stats: 4 books. 1 non-fiction, 1 picture book, 2 fiction.

Staatsieportret van een stofzuiger by Sylvia Witteman
Een vriendin voor opa by Vivian den Hollander
Bijna vergeten by Dave Goldstein
Ik ben een kat! by Galia Bernstein

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