Library Haul 25-9-2018

Library Haul 25-9-2018

Hiya all!

Eeeeep, today was just an amazing day with an superduper library haul! The past few weeks weren’t too good for Library #4, but blessed be, today was fantastic.

I not only found 8 books, but they are all new books! Yep, and I only had to ask for one of them to be found, the rest was there in the library. Did someone hear my ramblings? Did they read my posts? Mm, I hope it is just the first option. 😛

One of the books, Fixit, is actually a re-release but with an another illustrator. And since it is one of my fav illustrators, namely Rick de Haas, I just had to take it with me. Maybe I will still remember the stories, but at least I got something new to look at.

Stats: 8 books. 1 comic, 1 non-fiction, 6 fiction.

Chimpansee te koop by Gonneke Huizing, Helene Journa
Gangsterschool by Kate Wiseman
Fixit by Mirjam Oldenhave, Rick de Haas
Spreek je chocola? by Cas Lester
De wijsheid van wolven by Elli H. Radinger
Kolletje & Dirk: Kom erbij! by Pieter Feller, Natascha Stenvert
Kevins krokodil by Bette Westera
Hoe je die kleine muis het best aanpakt by Fabrice Parme

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