Library Haul 4-9-2018

Library Haul 4-9-2018

Greetings all,

Welcome to a new Library Haul post, this time for Library #4. I haven’t visited in almost a month, so I was really excited to visit again. I already envisioned tons of new books just waiting for me.

Sadly, the reality was that I only found one new book. I guess the new books are either all loaned out or hidden. 😛 Oh well, this meant I had some time to browse and take 2 Jill Mansell books with me that I still wanted to read. They had a few others, but I already had them reserved at Library #2.

Oh, and in case you are wondering who that cutie is on top of my books, that is my little girl Floof. She was awake while I was stacking my books (all ready for the photo-shoot), so I decided to pick her up and put her on the stack. She didn’t want to sit still though, this one was the best picture.

Stats: 5 books, 1 comic, 3 fiction, 1 non-fiction.

De mysterieuze griefer by Winter Morgan
Eindelijk gewoon Hayat by Hayat
Vlinders voor altijd by Jill Mansell
Eenmaal Andermaal Verliefd by Jill Mansell
Freaks School deel 1 by Florent Maudoux

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