Review for Are We There Yet?

Review for Are We There Yet?

A delightful interactive picture book about a boy’s imagination during a very very very long road trip.

Road trips are not really something I have experience with, as I live in a tiny country (you can go from one end to another in about 3, maybe 4 hours) + my parents didn’t have a car. But I still wanted to read the book and see all that the kid imagined on this long long road trip (though I do wonder how long the trip actually was).

I had quite a lot of fun reading this one, and I had a laugh at the kid’s imagination. Really, the kid imagines the most wonderful things, all of course things he comes across as he travels the country (even the pirates, there was probably some kind of attraction/roadside thingie that featured it). He even gets to the future (I am guessing some sort of fancy city), which makes him worry they are late for his grandma’s birthday (um, I think you have other things to worry about if you go 50 years in the future).

To make it all even more interesting, this book is interactive. You can flip it around to see a whole different side.

At the beginning of the book is the invitation to Grandma’s birthday.

The art was really quite good, you will be fully immersed in this story.

All in all, I had fun reading this. I am glad that the kid was able to lose himself in imagination and make the trip something to remember. I would recommend this book!

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