Review for Crank

Review for Crank

Holy, wow.

So, I wrote a review, but it is a bit chaotic, plus I am still wondering how to word everything correctly. Hopefully, I did it all right. Dang this book was just amazing.

Meet Kristina, or Bree as her alternate persona is called, a sweet girl who is smart, a perfect daughter, hasn’t done much wrong in life. Everything in her life is going pretty decent, but then she gets the chance to reconnect with her dad, and from that point… her life goes upside down and with each page my heart hurt for her.

She gets entangled in a web of drugs, pain, even more drugs, and lies. Every time you think her life couldn’t get any worse, it gets worse.

I have to say I didn’t always like Kristina. At times I was just annoyed with her and her attitude. I get that most of her attitude was due to the drugs. The drugs that had taken over her life, her world, her mind was shattered. But still, I wish that she had sought help. That she had talked to someone. That she had confided in someone. Instead she kept going on, she kept spiralling down further and further. At a low not even taking that one big drug, crank, but also trying out other drugs (like E) and even drinking blood from people. And sure, I can understand, she was addicted, and addiction does strange things with ones mind.
Oh, and I wasn’t sure how I felt about her reactions to her sister and her being lesbian.

Her love life is a mess as well. We first start off with Adam, who, sorry, is just a terrible example and not the kind of lover you may want as a first. He is the one who introduces Kristina to drugs. Well, he and Kristina’s father, who just doesn’t give a damn. Oh yeah, sure, let my daughter have sex and experiment with drugs while she is visiting me, totally no problem. Urgh. Back to Adam, sure, he was hot, and he had his way with words, but eh. I just knew he was a heartbreaker. Plus any guy who makes a girl addicted is a no no to me.

Then we have Chase and Brendan. I just adored Chase, though I did wonder why he was even using drugs, he seemed to be so careful about his brain. I knew that Chase was a wonderful, sweet guy. And he was! Sure, he was an enabler (even if he was trying to make sure she didn’t use too much), but he also showed he had a caring side, and you could see that he truly cared about her. She could talk to him about what happened to her, and he was so sweet that he didn’t want to have sex until she was ready. Until she defeated some ghosts.

Brendan however, eww, I never trusted that dude one moment. He just radiated danger. I didn’t trust him at all. I feel sorry for any girls that came before and after Kristina. I wonder how many girls he hurt.

A warning, there is a rape scene in this book. It is pretty graphic, and I was shocked to read it. Poor Kristina. 🙁

Of course, it doesn’t just end with drugs, rape, and terrible life choices, there is also something else happening, and I was sad. But then I was also happy with Kristina’s choice. I am happy to see that not everything has been messed up.

I felt sorry for the parents (well, mom and stepfather), especially the mom. She just wanted her little daughter back, and I can understand. She tried to talk, she tried to help, but nothing worked, and I just felt sad that she wasn’t able to reach out. 🙁

Oh, and this book is in verse, normally not my preferred way of reading as it always feels like someone took a perfectly good story and just threw it in the shredder. Still, I really liked reading this book, and I will also be reading the other 2 books in the series.

The author did an amazing job describing Kristina’s spiral downwards. How the drugs made her do things, how she got totally addicted, how she couldn’t stop, how the monster kept knocking and not letting her go. I am no expert on drugs of course, but I am basing this on the few autobiographies I read about people who were addicts. How they got addicted, how they fought, struggled, and fell downward.

In my copy we even get a word by the author on why she wrote Crank, what her reasoning was. I am happy it was added, it gave the book something extra, it made it more personal.

All in all, this is one book I would highly recommend!

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