Review for Girl on a Diamond Pedestal: Harlequin Manga

Review for Girl on a Diamond Pedestal: Harlequin Manga

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

So, I normally am not the kind of girl who read Harlequin books, but I just couldn’t resist this one (and another one) when I spotted them on Netgalley. The art looked absolutely gorgeous, and the story sounded actually decent.

Meet Noelle, a girl who, when she was young, was a famous pianist. However now she is in debt and her fame has lessened as she grew up. She meets Ethan, who proposes a plan to get back with her mother (but Ethan also has a payback to pay to his dad/Noelle’s mom). They plan to get engaged. Insert more drama, and some romance. Oh my, oh my. That plot. I mean, wow.

Noelle was a bit boring, sorry girl, but while it seemed the book is also about her, I felt she wasn’t that big of a presence. She was cute, and I was impressed with her skills on the piano, but that is all. And I had such a big laugh at the one part where she ate an ice cream but didn’t know how to eat it. Girl, what? How sheltered are you? 😛 Plus, I did think it was hilarious that she didn’t even get that maybe Ethan had an ulterior motive.

Ethan? Well. Eh. I didn’t even think he was that hot, to be honest. Nor did he, like Noelle, feel like he had a lot of personality.

Why he wanted to take revenge? Gee, as soon as he said the word mistress I just knew. Then it took quite a few pages before the writer finally shows it herself.

And oh my, the romance. Yep. While these two are meant to just be partners in crime, I soon saw that there was something more coming. I could see Noelle falling fast, and Ethan, who at that moment was trying with all his might to keep his revenge goals in his eyes, fall as well. But, this is a Harlequin book, so one can imagine how it all will go. I have to say that I had a hard time not laughing, though I noticed I was also tearing up. Poor Noelle. She really believed in Ethan.

The art was pretty gorgeous at times, but why did everyone look so so tired? Especially Noelle looked like she hadn’t had a good sleep in years. And at times the characters looked way older than they were.

The ending was just so adorable, so sweet, and I am happy for our characters. Both of them have been played by their parents and finally deserve to be free.

All in all, even with the predictable plot, the characters without personality, I just couldn’t stop reading this one. I just wanted more.

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