Review for Gravity Falls: Lost Legends

Review for Gravity Falls: Lost Legends

Squee! 4 new tales from Gravity Falls featuring all our favourite characters! fangirls

I love Gravity Falls, watched it so many times and I will keep on watching it over and over again (and wishing I could buy the bluray of it), so I was delighted that we got a new book featuring new stories.

These stories are told by someone who is an even bigger fan than most of us, and he is an unexpected fan, Shmebulock! I can hear the fans already ask me, but Mehsi, Shmebulock can’t talk! Indeed he can’t, but for one day in a thousand years (yeah, I don’t want to know how old Shmebulock actually is) he can talk! He has taken today as the day to tell us some untold stories.

There are 4 stories. The first one features Mabel, Dipper, Pacifica as mains with bonus Stan and Ford. The second one features Mabel, Dipper, Ford, Stan, Soos, and Wendy. The third is about Mabel, Stan, Ford, and oh yes a bit of Dipper. And the last? The last takes us back to the past as we see Ford and Stan together as kids.

I just adored reading the stories, I am not sure which one is my favourite, I am saying all of them. The first one was fun with Pacifica, and I am definitely still shipping her with Dipper (just like Mabel is doing later on, muahahaha). I loved seeing some more of Gravity Falls, and then especially the place the weirdness disappears to at day. The monster stealing your faces was just creepy as hell (I wouldn’t want to meet that guy in a dark alley, or wait, any place).
The second one was also fun, especially when we saw the characters in various drawing styles (my favourite being the manga one). We also find out some more about Stan, which I loved.
The third brought a whole new dimension with it, one that I wouldn’t mind visiting. I loved meeting all the Mabel’s and see what kinds there are. Plus I had a bit of a laugh at Ford and Stan trying to discuss who knew the kids the best.
And the last one brought us back to the past, see more of Stan and Ford when they were kids. Of course this one also features weirdness, but also tons of mystery. Stan had the right idea at last, but he should think about the execution. 😛

The ending, or the last page. Arggghh, dang you Alex Hirsch!

But this book is definitely meant for the fans, those who watched the show. There are various references to events, and not to mention the whole Stan and Ford thing. I would definitely recommend it to all who watched the show and want more in GF in their life.

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