Review for Isekai Death Game ni Tensou Sarete Tsurai Vol.1

Review for Isekai Death Game ni Tensou Sarete Tsurai Vol.1

I just couldn’t resist when I saw a new Asato Mizu manga.

This one is all about death gods, about a guy constantly getting into stuff with either the death gods, demons, or hey, also angels. Yup, Himi is pretty much guaranteed a life with constant visits from incompetent death gods, demons, and angels.

It begins with his wish to die, he is transported to a brand-new world, welcome to the death games. From the start he is pissed (duh), but then he steps up his game and totally argues against the death god. Yup, this guy isn’t taking crap from anyone, not even if that being would take his soul. I laughed so hard at how he argued and how the death god was stammering. And at this point we didn’t even know that behind the fierce exterior there was an adorable (but clumsy) girl wearing a skull bikini (I need one). Which is kind of funny, so if I see a death god, it may be a cute girl in disguise? Oh my!

And from that moment Himi can’t seem to get a break. First up with Mei, then he meets a demon, and later an angel. This poor dude, for some magical reason, keeps getting in all sorts of messes involving these beings. I did love how he didn’t just sit down and do nothing, oh no, this guy went in very serious mode and kept calling Mei’s superior (who I guess isn’t too happy with this situation as it seems he is already working his butt off).

So have an incompetent death god (in training), we have death games (though Mei is so bad at it they don’t die, fidget spinnerrrrrss weeee), we have brainwashing by angels (yep, those angels are scary), and more.

It was quite funny, but I have to say also a bit boring as it was mostly the same gimmick over and over again (only with different characters in the later chapters). Plus, the explanation we get, my goodness. I get why it was done, but it was so much info dumping that I just started to tune out.

The art was fabulous though, but then again I expect that from Asato Mizu. Cute girls ahoy!

All in all, even though at times it was boring, I am kind of curious to see how this one will go. So I will at least give it one more volume.

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