Review for Jonesy Vol.2

Review for Jonesy Vol.2

Jonesy, our resident cupid is back again, this time with even more hilarious jinks, love and romance going all bonkers, friendship, and more!

I am guessing I read part of this already, things seemed really familiar to me. Maybe I continued reading? Eh, I wouldn’t know. Sometimes I remember stuff from years ago, sometimes not. This one is a case of I recognise things, but not sure how or why. 😛

Anyway, back to this volume. The first two chapters are about Jonesy and how she managed to get Stuff to her little town (of course using her powers, but in a very creative way). I have to say that I wasn’t that wooed by Stuff. I don’t know, I just didn’t like him and how he acted all aloof but was in fact quite controlling and a jerk (as seen when he tries to force Jonesy in wearing a costume and to pick him over her best friends). But it was quite funny to see Jonesy try to flirt (and epically fail, you would think with all those videos she would have at least a bit of a notion on how to flirt :P). I also loved her conversations with her grandma, and I do hope that we will see some more of the amazing dress and its powers (as I am sure it has powers).

In the next chapter Jonesy’s mom makes an appearance! It is time for quality day with mummy dearest, but Jonesy is definitely not looking forward to it. At least she can bring her friends with her, or at least her mum has invited them. I did feel sorry for Jonesy. I can imagine that she may not want to spend time with her mom, and I also don’t get why they (her parents) are forcing her. I understand her mom wants some quality time, but come on. If your daughter is so against it? But I guess in the end it was a good thing they got some time together. It was quite a good chapter, giving us more insight in Jonesy’s family. I didn’t even know there was a mall jail, my word, I am glad I am not in there, clowns. shivers

The last chapter is about a concert and about Susan (also, Susan, baby, wrecking your guitar is not going to be a good idea) who has a writer’s block and decides that when nothing else works, the only option is to sneak into a concert of her idol and ask her about magical tips. Of course there is magic involved, any chance for Jonesy to use her powers. You know how she is about her powers. 😛
Dang Cee Cee has some amazing hair, now I want some tips on how she gets her hair to be that amazing and poofy.

I want to wish Susan good luck, I hope she is able to start a band, with her interesting and funny lyrics, I am sure she will be a hit.

Also a new rival or enemy appears? Landon? He has secret love powers! Oh My! Oh my!

Jonesy, I liked her much more in this volume. Yes, I am still not sure if I like her using her powers for her own gain, but eh, if I was a kid/teen with powers, I am sure I would have used them as well like that. Even if it was to try. Plus, she does get a good lesson when it goes wrong, now if only she would learn from it.

I am still unsure how Jonesy got her powers, I am guessing it is passed down from grandmother > mother > daughter, or in case of no female descendants to the next female descendant? Then again, how did it work for Landon then? Maybe reverse, male descendants?

The art is still vibrant and fun, and I just adore the expressions on the characters.

All in all, I need the third volume of this series. I need more Jonesy. More love powers, more silliness, more music, more gorgeous art.

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