Review for Kumika no Mikaku Vol.2

Review for Kumika no Mikaku Vol.2

A brand-new volume of Kumika going through her daily life and eating/exploring new foods!

I am so happy I could read a new volume of this series, I really liked the previous volume. I was curious to see what kind of foods Kumika would try in this one, what kind of things she would experience, and if the romance would develop (not that I am particularly shipping these two, but eh).

The balance is right again. We see Kumika adapt to life on Earth (ohhh, kotatsu) and also explore new foods.

This time we have the following events: Christmas (with Kumika learning about Santa and believing fully into it which caused some hilarity), New Year’s, and Cherry Blossom viewing (with them having to explain to Kumika that it is about the food and drinks and not to stare at the trees around them).

I loved seeing Kumika’s reaction to the food, she has some fantastic expressions.

So what did we learn from Kumika’s food experiences this time? Spice is GOOOOOD, but also very dangerous as Kumika just burns up and her tentacles become flaming doom day weapons. 😛 As for alcohol, maybe we should let Kumika not drink any more given what happened when she did.

I felt so sad for her that she wasn’t able to go to her family during New Year’s. She seems to really want to go, but it is just too far. In the meantime all her friends are pretty much off to their families, so she isn’t having a very happy time. It must suck to be so far from one’s family.

There is also the addition of another character, and I just don’t know how I felt about him. He was just too slick, and I wasn’t a fan at how he acted with Kumika.

Then there is the romance, and while I still don’t really see any connection between the two, I was still happy to see it get a bit further than the guy just trying to have Kumika notice him, and Kumika be (slightly) unaware of it.

Kumika is really growing as a person. She is exploring foods, making friends (I was so happy that she was able to have such a good time with one of her friends), is settling in at work (though you really shouldn’t piss her off). Whereas in the first volume I wasn’t always too sure about her personality, I just adored her in this one.

I can’t wait to see what the next volume will bring, what foods will she eat, what kind of new experiences will she have? Eep!

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