Review for Otome Danshi no Koisuru Otome Vol.1

Review for Otome Danshi no Koisuru Otome Vol.1

A manga about a girl (Mayu) who doesn’t like men, but falls in love with one… who is dressed as a girl for almost 99% of the time.

I was really curious how this one would go, as there are many possible outcomes. Especially when you add another person into the mix who is in love with the girl. Who will win her heart, the guy she met and who is comfortable with crossdressing and does it perfectly, or the guy from school who is now crossdressing to get closer to her? Will she be able to feel a bit more comfortable with guys later on? Will her fear get less due to this crossdressing therapy? 😛

Next to our frightened of guys-MC (I wonder if we will ever find out how she got that fear), we also have Kei’s (the guy who likes Mayu) and Yuki’s (Mayu’s love interest) POV. I have to say I couldn’t care one bit about Kei’s POV. Sorry, what the guy is doing is pretty sweet and nice (though maybe also a bit over the top), but I don’t know, he was just bland and boring. Every time we got his POV I noticed I was just tuning out.
Yuki also gets some time in the spotlight, especially with a longer story about his past. Poor kid, go grandma.

I laughed quite a bit when there were conversations between the manager of the cafe, Yuki, and Kei. Especially the addition at the bottom of the panel: “Note: These are guys.”

It was really fun seeing Mayu and Yuki get closer. I do hope that Yuki notices Mayu’s feelings and that they will go out. Yep, I am all rooting for these two, but so far it seems that Yuki is still oblivious to it most of the times. Arghhh, get the hint guy! 😛

I am definitely happy to see that Mayu is getting a bit better with guys. Yep, at that cooking party you see Yuki as male (not that much difference though), and we also see that Mayu feels OK with it. Plus with Kei crossdressing, she knows it is a guy, but she doesn’t feel frightened. Yay! Hopefully this means she can conquer her fear. Go go Mayu!

The format wasn’t really something I liked in this manga. Instead of many pages forming the story, or like 4koma having 2 shorts that tell us a joke/story, this one has a single page format. Sure, the story continues in some form (though not flowing) in the next page, but it was still jarring.

The art is pretty decent.

All in all, I did enjoy myself, but the format just didn’t work for me. Also, I am definitely not looking forward to more Kei x Mayu, or Kei trying to win Mayu’s affections. So I will have to see if I want to continue this manga.

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