Review for Sailor Fuku, Tokidoki Apron Vol.1 + Vol.2

Review for Sailor Fuku, Tokidoki Apron Vol.1 + Vol.2

This is a review for the first two volumes of this series.

So, meet Honoka, a cute school girl (though I am guessing since it is summer she is having a vacation), who decided to be a landlord when her grandpa retires. I had a laugh because she made it seem like he passed away. 😛 She thinks it is an easy job, but oh no. The tenants are all weird girls and they love Honoka a bit too much and in some weird ways. Be prepared for lots of ecchiness.

Honoka is our MC, and I quite like her. She is sweet, responsible, can handle all the chores, food preparing, is caring. And she is making plans to save money, and get new tenants (as there are enough empty rooms). She is a perfect landlord, now if only she could stand up for herself a bit more and say no a bit louder.

I have to say I wasn’t that big of a fan of the girls. They purposely forget to do the laundry/put it in a dryer, so Honoka has no clothes, they kidnap her, they play games with her, they touch her in indecent ways. They probably don’t mean any harm, but it did feel very mean-spirited to me. Just let the girl alone for a bit. Thankfully, we get a bit of a reprieve from them in the second volume, but not for long. Poor Honoka. And to add to that, we have a new member to the troupe starting with the second volume. A quiet girl, but she is just as perverted as the other 3 girls, plus I just hate how she kept twisting Honoka’s nipples. Really, that freaking hurts, stop it.

I do like that each of the girls can be totally different if they go to their jobs. You barely recognise them. So, I am happy that these girls can be responsible, can be adults. Then again, we also saw that in the first volume, when they bought Honoka that fan, and also complimented her on her food, and all the things she does. They do appreciate her, other than for her body.
I didn’t expect that to be Mio’s job (given how quiet she is), and I do love Japanese language and that the word seiyuu can mean all sorts of things (though I did guess right in one go).

The situations our girl gets into, my word, the author sure has a creative mind. Yes, I got to give credit, every time I think it can’t get any more sillier or more ecchi, and then something happens, and voila, more ecchiness, more hilarity. As, I did think it was hilarious that the author came up with those situations.

So yeah, be warned, there is a lot of ecchiness in this one. Not only due to Honoka getting into situations, but the girls themselves are pretty much OK with stripping or just wandering around in very little clothing.

The art is pretty decent. I just wish the author would decide on Honoka’s boob size for once. Other than that, yay for decently draw boobs and body proportions.

All in all, I will, despite feeling sorry for Honoka, be reading the rest of this series. I am quite curious if Honoka can speak up, or if she will fall to the dark side (as we already noticed her having some ecchi fantasies), and of course, I want to see more tenants appearing (will they be as weird as the current girls?).

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