Review for Sailor Fuku, Tokidoki Apron Vol.3

Review for Sailor Fuku, Tokidoki Apron Vol.3

The summer hilarity continues in the third volume!

It is still summer, I wonder if in the upcoming volumes we will see Honoka actually try to balance being a land lord and her high school. For now it is mostly her settling in, getting new tenants (or well trying, but not having much luck aside from one girl), finding out that her tenants are ecchi/weird, and doing fun things outside. Which is fun, but I actually came to the manga to see a girl balance two important things in life.

Whereas the other two volumes were pretty ecchi, this one, in comparison at least, was pretty tame. I am quite happy with this as I did get a bit tired of the girls and how they seemed to think it was funny to just constantly embarrass and undress Honoka.

Mio is now officially part of the tenants, she has moved in (in her mini, which took 3 trips as nothing fits in that thing), and taken a new tenant with her as well. Well… tenant.. a pet. I am not too sure how I feel about the turtle/tortoise. Normally I am a big fan of turtles/tortoises, but this one is just a weirdo. He likes stalking Honoka to every place in the house, he “runs” off with her underwear, and there are a few other things happening that, instead of making me laugh, made my eyes roll.
I did like the reactions of the other tenants, especially the girl who thought Honoka was going to make turtle soup. Ummm, girl? Run away turtles, run away!

We find out what kind of drunk Honoka is, and that had me in stitches. Oh dear, as soon as she can legally drink alcohol, get her away from it! Unless you want to have strict Honoka being angry to you about you not knowing your facts. 😛

As we can expect (it is summer, it is a manga), the girls are going to the beach. In Mio’s mini. Honoka already knows the horrors, but the other girls don’t. Oh, they will find out. Mio’s driving reminded me of a few other characters in manga/anime. She likes speeding up, racing around, and being a bit reckless. cue Initial D music

I loved seeing the girls on the beach (sunbathing, swimming, having a good time), though poor Honoka, she can never escape certain things.

The art is still pretty nice, though the faces are a bit weird/creepy at times.

I hope that the next volume will either bring a new tenant, Honoka going to school, or some other summer events we haven’t had yet.

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