Review for Shark Dog!

Review for Shark Dog!

Is it a dog? Is it a shark? It is both! Meet Shark Dog!

I finally had a chance to read this book, and boy, I wish I could have read it earlier. It was just so much fun, seeing the adventures this little kid and the shark dog have.

It all starts with our boy and his dad out on a trip when during the night a shark dog hops on board and thus their adventures. Because, of course, why not take a shark dog with you onto the land? What could possibly go wrong?

Well, for most the shark dog is just like any average dog, though I guess his strength is a bit too much. RIP that tree! And my head immediately went for the Jaws theme song when we saw that page where the shark dog was following a cat in the tall grass. Plus I laughed so hard when they went to the beach! More Jaws theme song!

I did feel for our little dog though, he is quite lonely. Which isn’t so strange given he comes out from the sea and has no one on land who looks like him. I loved what the kid and his dad did, not often do you see that happen. Or at least I should say without a fight. I have read enough books in which the kid is holding a big tantrum, but this kid seems to understand that his new friend needs his family and friends.

The ending though warmed my heart! Aww, I am guessing there will be many more adventures with our shark dog, and I can’t wait to read them.

The art was just fabulous, i just love how everything is drawn, especially our cute shark dog!

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