Review for Sharky Malarkey: A Sketchshark Collection

Review for Sharky Malarkey: A Sketchshark Collection

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I was so delighted when, a week or so ago (well, in June, as this review had to wait until today), Megan twittered about her brand-new book. I couldn’t wait to pre-order it and then read it. Now I don’t need to wait as long as Netgalley had the book and it was a read-now. Squee.

This book contains Megan’s comics and illustrations in all its glorious weirdness and hilariousness. Really, you will laugh your butt off. It is not, as the blurb may say, only about Bruce the shark. Yes, there are parts with him, but really this is much much more. It contains a lot of Megan’s comics, most (if not all) I already knew from following her on Twitter, there is a story about a toad (or is it a frog? :P), it is about Megan herself.

My favourites would be the normal comics about all sorts of hilarious stuff. And really, all sorts of weird stuff will pop up. Sexy butts, boobs in various yoga-ish poses (or used as pillows), cats, birds.

Bruce is just a tad bit annoying at times with his ego (then again I guess he is supposed to be like that). But I still had fun reading them as Bruce adventures are quite fabulous!

I even shared a few of them with my boyfriend as he could use some laughter in his life these days, and I wonder how hard he had to hold his laughter as he was at work (I was whatsapping him with a shot of the page I loved).

Megan’s art is just the best. I also love the colours she uses in her works.

And I am just too happy that I can now have Megan’s art without having to check her twitter. Now whenever I have a bad day I can just grab this book (as yes, I am buying it) and laugh my butt off.

All in all, very highly recommended. Sharks, butts, boobs, birds, and so much more. You won’t be disappointed. The best book to read when you have a day where you need tons of laughs.

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