Review for Sir Boris the Brave and the Tall Tales Princess

Review for Sir Boris the Brave and the Tall Tales Princess

Meet Sir Boris, the bravest, handsomest, strongest knight in all the kingdom!

This was just a delightful book, I am happy that I won it on Twitter (and no, that doesn’t in any way influence my opinion on the book). I had a lot of laughs, and then there is that ending that made me even happier (probably not the right thing to say considering the ending, but eh).

This book is all about Sir Boris. He is the best, bravest knight in the kingdom (just look at his prizes and how fabulous he looks, not to mention all the women who love him). But he has a problem. A very princess problem even. Meet Princess Tall Tales. Yep, you can probably deduce by her name what kind of princess she is. Remember the boy who cried wolf? Meet the princess version of it.

We see our knight dash off valiantly to the princess each time he thinks she has an emergency, but is it really an emergency? Or is she is just a spoiled brat whose parents should tell her no for once and stick to it? Or just ship her to a boarding school for spoiled princesses (I vote for this option). I did have a big laugh at what kind of tales she made up. How she made it all seem so grand, and fabulous. How it really seemed there was an emergency.

I was in stitches seeing the knight go everywhere in his shiny knight outfit, but with very tight jeans, and very modern sneakers. I laughed even harder when later on he even goes to the sea with that outfit. 😛

Then there is the ending, I just love it when authors go for an ending that many children’s books will not do. So I am applauding. Thank you author. This was definitely the best ending for this story, this book.

While this book is a fairy tale, with dragons, ogres, knights, princesses, fabulous horses, it also contains modern items. For instance we see our knight and his horse flash by on a very fabulous scooter in the later pages. But not only that, there is mention of phones (really, why does the knight not have one?), we see airplanes/helicopters, and there is more!

And of course, making the book even more awesome, are illustrations by Becka Moor!

Oh, and I shouldn’t forget the bonus items that come with this book. Your little one can now participate with (or as) Sir Boris. Included with this book are a sword and a shield (of pretty good quality)! So while you are reading your little one can enact the scenes of the book, or even help out Sir Boris (and I am sure he could use a hand with this princess).

I would highly recommend this book. It is fun, it is hilarious, it has dragons and ogres, princesses and knights.

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