Review for Strawberry Fields wo Mou Ichido Vol.1

Review for Strawberry Fields wo Mou Ichido Vol.1

A girl who has no interest in 3D love meets up with a girl from the future, Pure, who claims they are a couple in the future.

I am still in the mood for some good yuri/shoujo-ai, so I decided to give this one a chance, and while it was a bit weird (with the time travelling), it was also quite cute. Especially seeing Akira try out some things that she normally wouldn’t be doing, but also her feelings are changing and she is becoming more open with people, and I am happy to see it happen, though I do wonder how that is supposed to go. What will happen if Akira falls in love with future Pure? Will she still be able to get her chance with Pure from her timeline? And I could probably have a few other questions/things to ponder about.

I did think it was pretty cute that Pure went back to the past because of Future Akira’s wish of having Pure around during her high school period. I do wonder how Pure managed to do time travel. Though, given some things, I am even doubting she is really from the future (even though she does have a very mature Akira picture on her phone). Why do I doubt it? Because we find out that Akira’s mom died, Akira’s dad has left, yet Pure doesn’t know anything about that. It seems weird that these two are getting married in the future, yet that they haven’t shared that info together. Plus there are some other things that seem off to me.

At times Pure was a bit too annoying with how hard she pushed Akira. In the end things went fine, but I do wish Pure would be a bit sympathetic to how Akira feels.

I liked Akira, she may be a bit quiet and silent, but I love that she just plays otome games while walking to school/from school.

The art is pretty OK, I liked how the girls were drawn. Plus that time they went to the amusement park was really pretty.

All in all, I quite liked this one, but there are just so many questions I have that take away the full enjoyment. I may just wait until this one is fully done to just check how it ends.

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