Review for The Bolds in Trouble

Review for The Bolds in Trouble

A brand-new The Bolds, with new jokes, new characters (not all of them very nice), and of course our dear family The Bolds.

I just adore this series to bits, though I have to say I wasn’t that happy with this one as I normally am. It contained all the elements for me to love it, but it added Mossy. Mossy is a fox and the antagonist of this book, as I would call him. The Bolds are trying to help him (and Sylvie his vixen), but all they end up getting is one rotten fox who thinks he is boss. sighs I get that they don’t want their secret to come out, but to grovel and buy all that food and do everything he wanted, eh, no. Not really the family I came to love and adore. I especially felt sorry for the kids. They didn’t understand why their parents were doing all this, they even wondered why their parents did all this.
How it all ended, well, even though Mossy was a prick, I still felt this ending was harsh.

Now let’s just not think about Mossy, and think of all the fun things this book contains. Like new characters who are learning how to be human (though I ever wonder how a goose and a warthog are going to blend in, even the otter will be a stretch), and try all their might on how to dress themselves (chaos, pure chaos), eat, and go about in their daily life. I had a bit of a laugh that the otter lady wanted to be a nun.

We also meet with a character from the previous book(s), and I had quite a laugh at what the family asked of her. I can only imagine how embarrassing that must have been, then again, they are all animals, maybe they just didn’t mind it that much.

Sylvie, the vixen of Mossy, was the sweetest. I did feel sorry for her for being in such an abusive relationship. Poor thing. Later on we learn things, and we also find out why and how she got to be with Mossy (because everyone (including me) was wondering how the hell she got to be with such a jerk).

I did think it was funny that The Bolds didn’t know who the car mechanic was, or what he was. You would think animals would notice each other, but apparently our car mechanic is even better at being human than most animals.

I love Mrs. Bold’s newest hat creations. I am not sure which one is my favourite, I do fancy myself a mud bonnet, but I also loved that can of bean on plate-hat. If only we had someone like Mrs. Bold here, I would definitely be buying some of those hats myself.

Of course, like all the other books, this book is full to the brim with jokes/riddles. I didn’t really get some of the cheese ones (especially the Welsh joke), but the rest were hilarious and I also had fun reading them to my fiance (and seeing his expressions).

And let’s not forget the fabulous illustrations by David Roberts. Those tiny foxes are too precious!

I can’t wait for the next book, what will it be about? When will it come out? Now? Please?
I would recommend this book to everyone.

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