Review for The Pirates of Scurvy Sands

Review for The Pirates of Scurvy Sands

I read this one in Dutch, but will be writing a review in English.

I totally forgot this book existed (so many books come out), and I was delighted to see it in my library. Translated, so I was a bit worried. Would the humour still work as that sometimes gets lost in translation. And why did the names changes? What is wrong with Matilda and Jim? Those are perfectly normal names and do not need to be changed to Sanne and Sammie. 😐

Back to the book and the story, the kids (and of course Sammie’s parents/family) are off to Scurvy Sands for a family vacation! Arrrrr, I want to come with them. Before we landed on the sands of that of place with Matilda and Jim, because we have a delightful map at the beginning that tells us several things about the place. Eee, I want to go! And then we also see the place when our family comes to land. The children’s club, the food, a roller coaster, treasure, and more.

Matilda is standing out there, she is not a pirate after all, everyone else is though. They are commenting on how she acts and does, and how that is so not pirate-like. And how will she pass the test? Ohhh, a test! I have to say I really didn’t like how everyone was being so rude to her (well, OK, they are pirates, I guess I can forgive them a bit), but still I found it a bit annoying that they were acting like that. Not even giving her a chance. I mean, really, the family took her with them for a reason, they wouldn’t do that if she was a total hopeless case.

Thankfully Matilda is a girl with guts, and she takes matters in her own hands. Oh, I just loved that she did that! Go go girl. Girl power! cheers

Oh, and be sure not to forget to look at the map at the end, it has changed a bit.

Of course, I just adored the art. It was one of the main reasons I started to read Jonny Duddle’s book. That and the fact these books are about pirates!

All in all, even with the annoying pirates going on and on about how Matilda isn’t a pirate, this was a really fun book. I had quite a few laughs, and I was rooting for Matilda. I would recommend the book.

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