Review for Tsurugi no Nai

Review for Tsurugi no Nai

Meet Loretta, she is the girl with a hero sword stuck in her head. Yup. Excalibur, but now in a cuter version.

Of course, I couldn’t resist to try out this book. The cover looked adorable, and the premise sounded pretty dang nice. I was wondering what kind of adventures our girl and the worthless hero would have. Would she be able to find her memories? Find a hero (because, yep, Quiche is so hopeless she doesn’t even count him as a hero (RIP him)), get answers from that person.

I loved seeing these two travel, and all the while also dodge Quiche’s family/the hero descendants. Because they all want their sword maiden (Loretta) back and they will do anything for it. In the meantime we also meet with dragons (panties stealing dragons oh my), Stollen’s overly protective maid (who you really don’t want to mess with), and fortune tellers (does someone help her move or can she get out of that?).

The names of various characters just had me in stitches. We have names like Quiche, Vuitton, Chardonnay, Michelin, Palmier, Stollen, Afredo, Rize. Then there are characters named Bulgari, Cartier, Ziti. Every time we got to meet a new character I was waiting for that weird name. 😛

I was definitely shipping Loretta and Quiche. They made a pretty cute couple. And hey, I know Loretta looks like a very tiny girl, but don’t judge on her outward appearances.

The twist to what was actually going on with Loretta? Oh boy, Oh boy, I definitely didn’t see it coming, though I guess the hints were there now that I think back. I was just too entranced by the weird names and the hilarious situations our heroes got into.

I loved the beginning of each chapter. An old grandma tells her grandchild the story about the hero and the demon lord. And then later on we see how it all connects with this story and I just adored it. Sure, I knew from the start who the characters were, but the author still managed to write it wonderfully. That chapter tells us about Loretta’s life before she had that sword in her head. I am delighted that we finally see her back then, see what she was, plus I had such a laugh when she met the hero and how she reacted around him. Like an overeager fangirl.
Though I did feel sorry for her. That is a pretty suckish life she had. And she kept being so optimistic regardless of what happened. I actually feel like crying a bit, that poor thing.

All in all, a short manga, but one that I would recommend. The story is well written, the ending is nice, there is lots of humour and magic. And the art is just fabulous. I love the designs of the characters (especially Loretta’s).

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