Review for Violet and the Mystery of Tiger Island

Review for Violet and the Mystery of Tiger Island

Thank you to the author and publisher for sending me this book! Note: My opinions are not affected from this.

The last Violet book weeps I will definitely miss the series, but I do feel this is the perfect way to end a series. Violet is going to high school/secondary/whatever it is called in English. Rose is going to France for ballet school. But there is time for one last mystery, and what better place for it than a wedding.

Yep! A wedding! Remember our clumsy police guy, PC Green? And remember Dolores? They are getting married. I was super surprised by it, I hadn’t expected it, but they do make a very good pair and I was so happy to see them get married. Plus, for some reason I keep stumbling across weddings in books. Do these books know about my upcoming wedding or something? 😛 I wish my wedding was as simple as the one in this book though, heaven’s there is so much to do, so much to plan arrggggh. Here our couple wins a trip to Tiger Island + a free wedding! is jealous

Of course, Violet and the gang are all present and they are going to enjoy a few happy days before the wedding actually starts. But mystery follows Violet and her friends. First they meet some old villains from the previous books, and then something gets stolen. It is up to Violet and her friends to solve the mystery (and of course a bit of help from PC Green and Dolores). I really loved how the mystery was written, and applauds I didn’t even guess the culprit until the moment Violet did! I kept wondering who it could be, keeping a list of culprits, motives. It was so much fun to try to guess the culprit.

I also loved reading about the island, about the various fun things (like sleeping in a tree house, or the blackcurrant candy loving tiger), it really sounded all very dreamy and I wished I could be there.

There was also some tension as Dolores has a perfectly dreamy ex-boyfriend, and of course PC Green isn’t amused by it, especially when Barry pops by.

The ending was fabulous, congrats to PC Green and Dolores! I will be missing this series, maybe one day we can have a grown-up/young adult Violet series, I do want to see if she managed to get her dreamjob.

Let’s not forget the fabulous Becka Moor illustrations.

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