What I Hope To Read October 2018

What I Hope To Read October 2018

Hi all!

Welcome to a new What I Hope To Read. Welp, last month I had all sorts of books I wanted to buy/get, but I ended up with only that one pre-order. I just had quite a few other books that popped up that I didn’t know would be released that month, and of course I couldn’t resist buying them instead of the books I was planning to buy. 😛 Oopsie! Oh well, I will just buy them soon/later/wish for them as presents. 🙂

This month also proves to be an amazing month, filled with books I do hope to be able to read and may even add to my collection. This month I also got a TON of Dutch books coming out, most of the time I only have like one or two Dutch books to buy, sometimes even none, but this month I got a whooping total of 5!

Ready to see what peaked my interest this upcoming month? Since the Dutch books are a guaranteed buy (even if they are expensive, yay for Dutch prices), they will be added to the pre-order list.

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