Book Haul October 2018

Book Haul October 2018


October is almost ending (noooooo, bye bye Halloween), so I want to share what books I got this month! swims in books

I sure got several books this month, both randomly bought and those I pre-ordered/planned. With the exception of 2 I read all the books on these stacks, yup, it has been a good reading month.

Ready? Here are my stacks! Left pre-orders/planned books and right books I just had to buy.

Fright Night by Maren Stoffels
Death in the Spotlight by Robin Stevens
Hamish and the Terrible Terrible Christmas by Danny Wallace, Jamie Littler
Amelia Fang #3 by Laura Ellen Anderson
Witch Tricks by Sibéal Pounder, Laura Ellen Anderson
The Legend of Kevin by Philip Reeve, Sarah McIntyre
De eilandenruzie by Jozua Douglas
Kom erbij by Milja Praagman

Sorry For My Familiar, Vol.1 by Tekka Yaguraba
Honey So Sweet, Vol.8 by Amu Meguro
Ik verf tot ik sterf by Christine Liebrecht, Tefke van Dijk
The Girl with the Lost Smile by Miranda Hart, Kate Hindley
Katana by Lisa Yee

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