DNF Review for The Monstrumologist

DNF Review for The Monstrumologist

Dropped at 41%.

So, I was definitely eager to read this and was happy that I got a chance when there was a challenge on my group and my buddy and I picked this one. We were both excited, but our excitement quickly turned sour with this book. On the one hand, I am glad we both didn’t like it, as we can now switch books. 😛

Here is why I found this book absolutely urghhhhhh.

Let’s start with our MC, Will Henry, or as I would call him Will (though I also gotten to the point of calling him wimpy and a puppy (as he does everything the doctor tells him to do and tries to please him)). He was just so boring and bland. The way he told us his story, man, I even noticed I was falling asleep, and sometimes I just tuned out, because I know I was reading but I had no clue what I was reading. 😛 Which had me re-reading again. Urgh. I wish he would just go away from his master, maybe then I would appreciate him a little bit more.

It also didn’t help that the story was told in an old-fashioned way and had words that were unfamiliar to me, and I normally have a pretty good grasp of English, but here I was, looking up words left and right. Some words, I found out, were just fancy words for something simpler. I can tell you it didn’t make reading the book easier, having to look up words quite a few times.
And then there are the sentences, they just seemed to go on, having to describe everything. Please, leave something for the imagination.

And, once again, I just can’t handle gore any more. I know years ago, I would probably have loved the gore, because back then I even watch Elfen Lied (search for it or try an episode). Due to the long descriptions, everything that happened when someone was attacked by those things/monsters, was there. From the arms being ripped off in detailed disgustingness to monsters popping out of people’s backs. shivers And with my imagination and my mind loving to turn words > images, I had to hold my food in for quite a few scenes. is still sick now she thinks of those scenes

The doctor. What a dickwad. I hated him from the first page, and it only got worse with every Snap to.. Which he loved to say to his slave… um I mean assistant, Will. Then there are the countless times that he doesn’t feed the boy (or just gives him some water with 2 vegetables (if lucky)), sleep is for the weak, and he doesn’t care if the boy has his own opinions or has questions. He is constantly being mean to Will, constantly putting him in his place. There was even one time that Will decided to make food for himself and his master, but instead of gratitude he was berated, told he was an imbecile, and the doctor even asked if he had a mental illness for asking things when he was confused why the doctor wasn’t happy. Then the doctor continues his berating, and really, I just wanted to dunk the freaking asshat in the soup. And this is just one scene, I could give you many more examples.

The horror? Well, sure, there were some parts that were interesting (albeit gory) but they were few and far between. I believe the only times I actually was interested in reading it was during the graveyard scene, and the one on the boat. Sure, both times I had to stop myself from puking, but hey, at least I wasn’t falling asleep! Which is an upgrade. 😛

So I could go on, but I just want to get rid of this book and not think about it any more. What a terrible waste of time this one was. Not recommended.

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