Library Haul 23-10-2018

Library Haul 23-10-2018

Hello everyone!

Phew, I really needed that library visit. Not only because I needed new books, but also because this past week has been stressful, and today and yesterday were even more stressful. We are currently in love with a new house, and we made an offer for it. So send us all your luck and best wishes, we will need it. At the moment of writing we still haven’t heard if our bid was good enough, so eeeeep!

Library visit, well, it was a dang awesome. I think even the library heard my plea for getting my mind off thinking about the offer/the house (for just a bit), I found 8 books! All of them new! Yes, I know, magical right? I didn’t have to ask the librarians to find books for me, this time they were all in the spots where they should be.

I even saw a 9th good book, but yeah. I am just not a fan of John Green (and yes, I tried all his books), so if there is a text of him on a book, I am out. Maybe I can find a copy without him on the cover. 😛

I can’t wait to get started on these books, I may start with Het Pudding Probleem, I just flipped through that one and I had to stop myself from reading it immediately. But first, got to finish that ARC I am currently reading (the third book in the The Dead (A Lot) trilogy).

Stats: 8 books. 1 picture book, 7 fiction.

Het pudding probleem by Joe Berger
De verdwenen voetballen by Joke Reijnders, Vivianne Miedema
100% Mila en 100% Love by Nikki Smit
Hockeylove by Marlies Slegers
Sanne in de spotlights by Paual van Manen
Prutje by Pieter Koolwijk, Linde Faas
Het elfje van Jet by Jette Schröder
Billy zoekt een schat by Catharina Valckx

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