Library Haul 27-10-2018

Library Haul 27-10-2018

Hiya all,

Happiest of weekends to all! Welcome to a brand-new Library #2 book haul!

Phew, today was just filled with fun. First Library #2 visit, and then off to visit a wedding location (we loved it!), and now we are just going to relax, read, maybe play some Maplestory.

At Library #2 I had 5 reservations eagerly waiting for me, which meant I still had room for more books to bring with me.

Thankfully, the library now also has a new releases table for their Children/YA books, and I found a few new books there. And as I wandered through the library I found a few more. In the end I had a whole pile of wobbling books to bring home with me.

Stats: 11 books. 2 picture books, 3 non-fiction, 6 fiction.

I will still need to add most of them to Goodreads, but with the busy day and the busy week (making an offer on a dreamhouse, seeing if the offer got accepted, and then everything around it that is still going on), it will need to wait until I read them.

De omslag by Barbara Stok
Pup en Kit by Edward van den Vendel, Floor de Goede
De geheime missie van Tess en Raff by Marianne Witte
Dansen in diep water by Laure Van den Broeck
The Loch Ness Monster Spotters by Tony De Saulles
Onderstroom by Tine Bergen
Het goede leven by Annegreet van Bergen
Be our guest by Kathleen Billen, Kristin van de Voorde-Heidbuchel
Waterpret by Isabelle de Ridder, Monique Dozy
Hallo Paard by Vivian French
Mijn papa is beestachtig lief! by Dianne Hofmey

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