Library Haul 9-10-2018

Library Haul 9-10-2018

Hello, hello everyone!

Ah, today was such a good day! Beautiful weather, so I decided it was high time to visit Library #4 again and get some good books! I checked their catalogue and noticed several books that seemed interesting, though of course, I kept my expectations low as one of the librarians tends to keep new YA/Children’s for her own (which I don’t mind, but it would be nice if those books weren’t put on the catalogue until she is done).

But it seemed that all the books I wanted were there, in the library! Book after book was found! And yes, I did squee (but softly, and thankfully no one else was at this section). It was a pretty fast visit as I quickly had 8 books to bring home with me (and yes, I was disappointed, as I wanted to bring more).

Stats: 8 books. 2 picture books, 2 YA, 4 children’s.

Zach King: Een magische puinhoop by Zach King
Juf Braaksel en de magische ring by Carry Slee
Katvis by Tjibbe Veldkamp
Fab by Caja Cazemier
Olle en de boekenvloek by Brenda Heijnis
Vosje by Edward van den Vendel, Marije Tolman
Verrassing! by Niki Daly
André het astronautje – hoe word je een astronaut by Andrè Kuipers

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