Review for Amelia Fang and the Memory Thief

Review for Amelia Fang and the Memory Thief

Cookies, theme parks, birthnights, memory loss, and more!

The newest Amelia, and I just adored it so much. And no, the cookies didn’t have anything to do with it… at least I can’t remember if I had any cookies… or if I was bribed. Mmmm.. suspicious

This time we see the effects of what happened after the last book. The two worlds, light and dark, have reunited and this means several differences in various places. For instance, Amelia notices it in school. She has new classmates (who have to get used to waking up at night, cue a sleeping fairy in a test tube), new subjects to learn. But also in real life, glitter is all the rage, unicorns and other light creatures wander the streets. It just made me smile so much, I was happy for this world, that they could finally be united, be happy, and see that they aren’t so different after all (or scary as they all thought).

But be warned! The peace from the first part of the book is something that doesn’t stay for a long time. Quite soon people left and right are losing their memories, and not only does that mean they forget about their loved ones, but also about that peace treaty, and so there is fear and suspicion.

I had a quick suspicion who the culprit was (though the real reason why x did it all was a surprise to me, and I was absolutely delighted), and also what was causing the memory loss. Still I had tons of fun seeing Amelia and Tangerine figure it out, and also find out why they aren’t affected as the others are.

I felt sorry for Amelia, she likes sweet stuff but with her tooth she can’t do any eating, then again, she will be happy later. Plus she was so excited about the birthnight (I keep spelling birthday), and then that happens. Aww. 🙁 I loved that the author added the whole growing up and that you may have your own dreams to follow instead of those your parents want to follow. In this one we also see that Amelia and her mom have their differences. Amelia wants to become a pumpinologist, while her mom wants her to be the perfect vampire with all the right manners and doing all she is doing at this moment. I am happy with how the author wove this through the story we have, and I just love the ending, awww. Though also I had to laugh, glitter anyone?

Plus, Amelia showed so much courage, even more than she already did in the previous books. And not just courage, but also selflessness. What she did in the end? Not many would have done the same, and I was crying in tears. Happy but also afraid. What if she would be without x forever? What if?

The things that happened after that all, it reminded me a bit of the ending of Gravity Falls. I won’t spoil anything, but that also felt a bit rushed. Then again, in both situations, I guess it just wasn’t feasible to make it any longer, so I can forgive it.

I am already not a fan of Florence, but she takes the crown and the jewels in this one. Dear heavens, what kind of insert some bad words friend are you? Your friend, your best friend even, wants to participate in a fun cookie selling event, you can win tickets to a fun theme park, and all you do? Complain, whine, shout (oh wait, she always shouts), be a bother, eat the cookies, and more. Good grief, why is anyone friends with her? Sorry, but if my friend acted like this? I wouldn’t want to be her friend. It sounds harsh, but it isn’t the first time Florence is a terrible friend. 😐

Let’s not forget the delightful illustrations that just bring a big smile on my face.

All in all, I can’t wait for Amelia’s newest adventure. What kind of things will she be doing there? Will she meet new friends? Go to new places? Eeeeeep! Excited!

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