Review for Crush

Review for Crush

I received this book from publisher/Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

As I said in my review for the previous book, I was hoping this one would be about Jorge, and look! Look! It is! Yay!!! fangirls

Jorge is so adorable, how he is trying to be all like: Oh nobody got time for all that dating stuff and blabla. We are on a mission to stop bullying and the like. Then he spots Jazmine and gets totally flustered! Adorable!!!!!! And that is how it goes every time he sees her, or if she talks to him. He just goes into the zone (which reminded me of scenes of manga/anime with swoony romance), and I just loved it. Of course, I was quickly (very quickly, like after one scene of that) rooting for Jorge and her to get together, or at least give Jorge the chance to confess. Go Jorge! Sadly, we find out that Jazmine has a boyfriend! SHOCK! Poor Jorge, he finally had worked up the courage to talk to Jazmine, and then finds out she is taken!

Haha: “Do I… like Jazmine?” Yes, sir, you do. And quite a lot given the way your acting. Face the music, and welcome to love!

And so, the story continues, we see Jorge navigate the treacherous ways of school, and still falling madly in love with Jazmine (he is noticing her everywhere).

Ahhhhhhh, adorable! He just asked her! YAYYYYYYY! Well, OK, to the ball, but it is a start! YAYYYYYY! Finally dating! I don’t consider that a spoiler, come on, it was obvious. Even with the whole boyfriend at first, I just knew that they would end up together. Eep! I just love how well they fitted together, and I was delighted to see the little things they did to spend time together.

Plus, good job Jorge, for acting normal when your girlfriend cuts her hair. Given how tons of other people reacted, which I found really stupid, but then again, I know from personal experience how people act when girls have short hair. 😐

Of course, he is not alone in this book. We also have Garrett and Liv. I do have to be honest and say that I didn’t like how they bickered quite a few times during the book. But thankfully they also show enough times that they are the best of friends. They were quite fun together, bantering.

Liv was a pretty OK character, she has her heart in the right place, though she should be a bit tactful about things (like eating lunch with your current boyfriend while your ex is at the same table… is not what you want to do).  But she does have an amazing superpower of getting people to join or do things, which is pretty nice!

We also see that she has some troubles with her current boyfriend. Of course, we only see her side of the story, so who knows what Marcus’ story is, but still I wanted, just like Jorge, to destroy Liv. Hello, a relationship works from two sides. You can’t just expect her to go with you to stuff, but then find her needy when she wants you and her to go the ball.

Garrett, a new addition to the school, in his previous school he was quarterback, but here? He can’t even play much as there is already a star player who gets all the play time. I didn’t get why he was so hot about James, I just thought that dude was a skeezeball. But I guess he wanted to be in the group, and people do silly things to be in a group.

Zeke? Jazmine’s boyfriend? Sorry, but what? I liked him at times, but it is true what Jorge said, he does seem to have 2 sides to himself. We see one of that in the corridor (when Jorge saves him), and then later at the party (what a crappy move, you don’t do that to your girlfriend). Thankfully, Jazmine isn’t happy either, and it seems that some stuff happened before. I was glad to see him out of the picture.

James? Please just fall off a cliff and disappear. What a disgusting piece of insert lots of expletives Especially nearing the ending when he did that to Jorge.

I hated that everyone just believed that Jorge would do those things. Really? Guys? Like, you know this dude, you know how hard he tries to make sure everyone is happy and not being bullied. You saw him with Jazmine, you saw him with other girls. And then you just believe that? Not thinking about how technology isn’t always to be trusted. Anyone can pretend to be someone. Anyone can hack if they really want it. But I guess, kids are just dumb in that way. :{

The whodunnit? Aka the one who was posting as Jorge, well, I was quite shocked. What a dick move.

The ending made me smile so so much! It was just the best way to end this book. A bit of drama, but also happiness and love.

I loved the extra info at the ending, especially how the cover was picked. I am happy that they picked the cover that is now in use. That one just fits the best with this story. How Jorge only sees her, even though his friends are there, even though there is chaos. So sweet!

All in all, I am hoping we get a new graphic novel, featuring another character. Maybe Brooke? Or Nic? And I would highly, very highly, recommend this one!

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