Review for Dare mo Shiranai Tou no Aru Machi Vol.1+Vol.2

Review for Dare mo Shiranai Tou no Aru Machi Vol.1+Vol.2

This is a review for Vol.1 and Vol.2.

Still looking around for all the horror manga to read during this Halloween month, and I stumbled upon this one. At first everything seems fine and dandy, but quite soon people are dying, or I should say, girls are being murdered left and right.

We meet our MC and her two best friends. We see them go through love, life, school. Get into arguments, banter, and have fun. But quite soon things go from good to terrible when one of their classmates is found murdered in a gruesome way. Our trio decides to do some detective work (because what could go wrong) and slowly they find out more. I really loved that they went so far, even when they knew it would be dangerous. They did find out some things, but they also ended up in trouble (as they were always near when something did happen).

I am not too sure how I felt about our trio. I could clearly see that this would end up in a love triangle, or at least become awkward very fast. They seemed fast friends, but I could also see something else lurking. Of course, I kept hoping I was wrong, because I just want a book/manga in which guys and girls can be friends.

Our MC was a pretty OK girl, but at times I just couldn’t get a good reading on her. Her moods went from happy to sad to shocked to happy to serious to sad to gloomy to happy. She also kept apologising. Like for the death of the first girl. Really? You had nothing to do with that. I get it is probably the shock, but this wasn’t the only time that she went to apologise for stuff she didn’t do. If anything it just made her seem really suspicious, and you really don’t want that in this situation. I just didn’t know what to do with her. Sure, I was impressed that she dared to ask the questions no one else dared to ask. But with how her emotions swinging around like a drunkard, I had a hard time liking her a lot.

There are still many questions I have. Those may have been answered in the last two chapters of this volume, but I didn’t manage to find those chapters (sadly). Like why the sacrifices? How long will they keep on murdering girls? Why only girls? Why not boys? Why do the deaths have to be so gruesome, painful, and gory? What kind of danger is coming that they are sacrificing so many people? What are those towers that are appearing on the horizon? What do they have to do with this whole situation?

Thankfully, we also have quite a few answers. Like what happened so many years ago, why it is covered up (I am kind of on the fence on whether or not I find it OK to just hide such things from public, but I guess I can also understand why. You don’t want mass panic, plus people are probably traumatised from all that happened), that there is some organisation behind the whole sacrifice business, oh, and that there are contracts (people, please read contracts before signing things, because you may just have done something terrible).

BTW, I was a bit pissed at the mom of the first victim. I get that you are hurt, that everything is bad, but to just ragequit on your daughter’s best friends, while they are traumatised, hurt, and shocked, is a big no no. She really went way too far.

There were moments I was definitely screaming at my book, nooooo don’t kill that person! Nooooo, no, no nope nope!

The art was pretty decent, I loved the character designs, and some of the backgrounds were gorgeous.

All in all, I hope to one day find the last two chapters in the second volume, and also get a chance to read the third volume. I definitely need to know how everything ends. Will the sacrifices stop? What danger is coming? Is there going to be romance? How many more people will die?


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