Review for Go, Mo, Go! Seaside Sprint

Review for Go, Mo, Go! Seaside Sprint

Mo and his friends go to the seaside for a relaxing day, but will it really be a relaxing day? 😛

I didn’t even know this one was the third book in this series, I didn’t even know there was a series! 😛 Can you read this book without any previous knowledge? Eh, yes, and no. At times I was a bit confused to how all these characters became friends and what their obsession with running was. But at times I was into the story so much that I didn’t mind it that much.

Apparently our group is out for a fun day at the seaside, but after getting a delicious ice cream (piled high in deliciousness) our group has to forego their restday as they get stalked by ghosts, seagulls, and other creatures! I have to be honest, it was quite funny at first (especially as each time they thought there were safe, but oh no, there is Mo again shouting for them to RUN, RUN!), but I quickly got a bit bored of it as I just wanted these kids to eat their ice cream already. Can’t they just get a break? And if not, then come on, just shovel it inside you. Screw freezing braincells, just eat! Also what is up with that world that there are ghosts and sea monsters? What else is lurking in the dark?

The monster? I definitely hadn’t expected him to be like that. Haha, no I was very surprised, happily surprised. I even laughed, first at the monster and then at the kids and their surprise.

I liked the illustrations they were really fun, and the style really fit with the story. I have to say that because the story was repetitive it was the illustrations that kept me reading on and even finishing the book.

All in all, I may check out the earlier books why these kids are so obsessed with running and how they became friends, but I may just stop reading them if they stay so repetitive. Though then again, I may also just continue reading them if they all feature these same illustrations. 😛 Conflicted feelings here!

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