Review for Hamish and the Terrible Christmas and Other Stories

Review for Hamish and the Terrible Christmas and Other Stories

Merry Christmas from Starkley and the PDF!

I was absolutely delighted that there was a new Hamish book, given us two new stories! Yes, I say two, as the first story: Hamish and the Terrible Christmas was released back in 2015 (digital only).

Since I read the first story in 2016 (took me a while to get it), I am not re-reading it, nor am I re-reviewing it. See here for my review for the first story.

Elliot and the Sugar Rush: 4.5 stars

First up, giant Siberian Hamsters? I want those. Or at least see them? Are they just as cute as your regular hamsters? Or are they, due to the size, cuter?

Next, this is the story from Elliot’s POV which made me absolutely delighted. Sure, I will miss Hamish, but we will still see him as Elliot and he are best friends. I am happy that we can see how this silent, but nerdy boy ticks.

Of course, there is no normal days in Starkley. Well, maybe some days that seem normal, but those are just the kickstarter to more weirdness. In this one, our dear Lady CousCous, the one always bringing in the weirdest sweets from all over the world, accepts a wonderous candy from a salesman and thus the craycray starts. I was actually kind of curious about what was in those sweets and why they made everyone bonkers. I am kind of wondering if I would have tasted those poffs, or if I would have waited. On the one hand, I would love to try out this magical treat, but on the other hand, it is quite suspicious with how people are acting to have one, and even more suspicious with how they are acting afterwards.
I guess it is good that Elliot is on the case. He is probably the best person to have around during this sugary crisis.
And of course, it was those guys all along! Dang it, what a perfect plan they made, too bad for them they didn’t put Elliot in the equation!

I had tons of fun reading this sugar high Christmas story, and I loved the plan that Elliot concocted to help the town. That is definitely one way to fight off a sugar rush, not entirely sure if I am a fan (but it seems I am not the only one thinking this).

Can I say that I feel sorry for that teacher? Elliot, boy, I know you love projects, but give your teacher some free time. That poor guy just wants some peace and quiet.
I liked the extras at the end.

Story 3: Alice and the Christmas Truck: 4.5 stars

Yayyyyyy~ Alice!! And how much fun that this starts with the Terribles, and especially Benny or B’ni. I was curious about this tiny little creature, and how he seemed so unlike his fellow kind. He looked adorable, acted quite nice and sweet. He wasn’t quite so Terrible. But then he showed his truer colours, noooo stay away from the bunbun. And I guess Benny just found out, you don’t screw with some kids, like Alice. You don’t do that. Oh no.

This one turned out to be a total surprise, I am still a bit confused about the Truck mentioned in the title? Did I miss something in this story, I just didn’t see a truck anywhere?
But I loved how for one moment a Terrible and a human could be at peace. And even help each other out. A definite Christmas Miracle.
I hope we will meet up with B’ni again, and I also hope that we will see Alice’s grandma one day, or maybe even get a book about her? Aww, please? looks with pleading eyes

Three stories, and I just adored them all. Sure, maybe I should have waited for Christmas to read these, but I do think they also fit with the Halloween season as well. I guess it is a bit like The Nightmare Before Christmas, a movie one can watch during Halloween and Christmas. I am happy that it wasn’t just Hamish, but instead also featured two of his friends.
I would recommend this one to all!

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